Three Morning Habits That Will Upgrade Your Life!

A solid morning routine creates balance in your life and sets your day up for success. Here are three simple habits to add to your morning routine.

Get Out of Bed and Stay Out!

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean working from bed. For me and many other successful creative entrepreneur’s, working in bed starts off somewhat productive, but quickly becomes a slippery slope towards not getting anything done. Even if you turn the TV off, or ban yourself from Youtube, something about getting the blood flowing through your body sets the tone for the rest of the day.

8:00 AM: When my alarm sounds, the first thing that I do is get up, brush my teeth and shower. This is a must for me or I find I get so busy, the next thing I know it’s 3pm or worse, 9pm at night and I’m still gross.

8:30 AM: Next, I head to the long meeting table conveniently placed in my dining room and do a brief overlook of that day’s priority list. Some days, I exercise. If I am feeling real lazy, I sit on the couch. Whatever I do, I stay out of bed until at least 3pm.


Why is staying out of bed such a big deal? Well for many of my creative entrepreneur friends and even for myself, we all have this issue with doing work in bed and falling asleep. Not only do I feel like I need more naps when I work from bed, but I also find it drastically affects my mood. I start feeling depressed and I start feeling like a failure if I work consecutively in bed.

Clearly, the bedroom was made for sleep and doing other intimate things, folks.

Find a Physical Ritual

Find one ritual you do every morning that is physical. For those of you moaning, thinking I’m talking about exercise, I’m not.

9:00 AM: My physical ritual every morning is getting a cup of Cuban Espresso because it’s the strongest most tastiest type of coffee that one could ever have (yay to it not being bitter!) and it literally cured my depression. My other friends think it’s the best as well. It’s literally so good, I can’t believe it’s not heroin.

Find a Mental Ritual

Find one ritual you do every morning that is mental. For some that is meditate, for me it’s either a podcast, a video, a bunch of quotes or something I’ve found on Pinterest that I really want to read.

9:15 AM: I tend to perform my mental ritual after I have looked over my priority list for the day. Sometimes when I look at my daily task list, I feel overwhelmed. When I follow up shortly thereafter with something motivational, it puts me back in a positive mood.

Adding these three simple habits to your morning routine will set the tone for your day and upgrade your life.

What are your morning staples?

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  • I definitely need to get a daily ritual! I have an overall plan of what I do every day but if I get more specific I could stick with it better. I’m not a morning person at all so I’d really love to upgrade my mornings. lol.

    • Honestly, the best way to make yourself get up in the morning is to find one thing that excites you that will make you get enough energy to get up. I like to think that us adults aren’t much different than kids. A kid who knows he has to go to school takes his time getting up. A kid who knows he is going to disneyland is up before the parents. I think it’s all about finding incentives. If you can find one thing that just galvanizes you, move it to your morning.

  • Sooae Lee
  • Great tips :) It’s important to jump out of bed and have have a get up and go ritual. I also work from home so I know this all too well.

    Great post.

    Laura xo


  • Ah, the getting out of the bed early is probably one of the things I’m having a hard time to do. haha. I’ve never really been a morning person my whole life. But yeah, drinking coffee in the morning is probably one ritual that I will never quit. It just sets my day right and perfect.

    • Yes! Yes! I was never a coffee drinker until I stumbled upon cuban coffee. I could literally snort down starbucks and not feel any benefits. Now I’m not functional without it! <3