#SexyCEO | Everyday Tech Essentials On The Go!


My survival is built entirely on staying online.

Here are my must have tech essentials, and a couple of reasons why you may want to invest in the same.

Iphone 6+


Iphone 6 Plus + Gold Brilliance Case
Iphone 6 Plus + Gold Brilliance Case

I know for most this is like, duh, but back in the day, I used to have this sucker tossed in a corner while I sat on twitter all day. Apple has linked all of their products so seamlessly that it’s like if you buy one and don’t get the other, you’re losing full business and branding potential. When everything is linked, it’s so easy to send yourself stuff on the fly!

iPad Mini (LTE / Wifi Version)


Whenever I am on the run, the iPad mini has the perfect amount of screen real estate to show off any portfolio that I have…and it’s not heavy. If you’re a graphic designer, you can show off your designs via pdf, if you’re a social influencer, you can show off your PDF media kit, and so on. If you’re an entertainer, you can show off your reel. It’s the perfect way to acquire creative work and branding opportunities without having to give the good ol, “I’ll email you when I get home.” Not only are first impressions everything, but sealing a deal more than often starts with getting a phone number (the person picking up is a whole other thing). Once you’ve walked away from a person, it’s so much harder if not nearly impossible to grab their attention later. And nobody has time to watch you pull your laptop out of the bag and wait a gazillion years for it to load past your desktop. Take it from a girl that totally missed it when a TV Producer / Director threw opportunities left and right and they all went over my head completely. I don’t even remember the woman’s name. :/

…With Zagg Keys Keyboard Case

As much as I like to be cute, I really bought the iPad mini for business. Having this keyboard case not only protects my iPad mini but it has such a sexy, sleek leather design, the keyboard lights can be changed to a rainbow of colors, and it allows me to leave my Macbook at home. Perrrrfect! ?


Sony MDR7506 Headphones

As a music professional and video director / editor, my headphones are everything. Whenever someone wants to hear recent work that my production partner and I have done, sonically speaking, I want the best. I want them to hear all the details.
When I am editing a video on a plane, I want these headphones. They have a closed ear design which reduces the noise around you, you don’t have to fry off the hairs in your ears to hear out of them and they’re extremely comfortable.

Vixia Mini X


If you’re a vlogger, beauty guru or any creative professional that documents any part of your life with a camera, you want to invest in this little gem. Especially if you go to red carpet events, award shows, celebrity parties, clubs and etc. Here is the thing, a lot of these places get real nit picky about camera’s, and the last thing you want to do, is have to walk back to the car at the end of the parking garage in heels.

These event coordinators have already paid for photogs so they don’t want you taking high def video that you could potentially sell. The Vixia Mini doesn’t look like anything special but it’s packed with FULL 1080P HD goodness so if your bag gets checked, it looks pretty unimportant like your iPhone. I’ve actually have never been turned away with my Vixia in tow.

What are your tech essentials?

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