Some women just want to find a side gig that will help them pay a couple of extra bills, other women want to build their dream business whilst having a famous, internationally-known brand.

If you’re the second girl—the kind of girl that feels destined for more, craves both time and financial freedom, that aspires to have a global, world-class brand, you’re in the right place.

If you’re the kind of girl that wants to publish a best-selling book, host an award-winning web show, speak at large conferences, or be featured in top media publications worldwide, you and I️ are officially besties. And I’m destined to help you get there.

Since you’re still reading this, I’m pretty certain that you know that you have everything that it takes to be successful. And you know that your empire could be HUGE if you could finally put your genius in front of the right audience.


  • You feel isolated. And even worse, you’re terrified of your big dreams and you’re starting to wonder if they are just too BIG…maybe even too unrealistic?
  • You’ve been in business for awhile but you’re not attracting clients that actually want to buy your products, services or programs.
  • You’re starting to wonder if it’s time to hang it up and go back to your old 9-to-5.

Look. I’ve been exactly where you are now.

Which is why it’s my ultimate mission to help you take your brand and business to the next level, so that you can have a BIGGER IMPACT and create the wealth and fame you desire.

Yes, I️ said fame.

Because some women like to hide behind the humble version of this, lie to themselves and say “I️ just want more visibility.”

But if you dream of having an audience like Marie Forleo, a movement like Gary Vee and impact like Beyoncé, then you dream of being famous, honey.

And around here, we believe that NOTHING is wrong with that.

This is why the tools, training and 1-1 coaching around here is a little bit different (and a little more magical) than the cookie-cutter, regurgitated strategies that you’ve been rolling your eyes at for the past year.

Hi, My name is Natasha Solae and I️ am OBSESSED with teaching Female Entrepreneurs how to attract their dream clients and world-class media opportunities.

I’m also the HBIC (Head Business Bestie In Charge) and Founder of GirlCEO Universe, a platform that helps Female Entrepreneurs build a Powerhouse Brand with YouTube.

So how did I️ get started in all of this Entrepreneurship stuff?

Well, I’ve pretty much have been the kind of girl that gets what she wants since birth. But things didn’t really happen for me until I️ launched my first business and started working with top luxury, lifestyle and travel brands a few years ago.

Within a year, I grew my business from $2000 a month to $15,000 a month.

Here, I️ was, just a few years out of college, juggling 3-5 premium clients that were willing to pay me $2000-$5000 each month to manage their digital marketing. Woopee!

Then out of nowhere, doubt started kicking in, I️ felt like a complete imposter, and I️ just wanted to hide.

I️ stopped marketing my services altogether, and I gotta admit: I was content with the money I️ was making.

That was until the month that all of my clients dropped off at the same time.

Yes, I️ went from $15,000 months to zero overnight.

And I️ had no brand, no website and no real savings to stand on because it all had went to taxes.

If you’re ignoring your personal brand, I️ have a whole entire post that covers why you can’t afford not to have one.

By hiding and constantly operating from a place of scarcity, I️ had no audience or systems in place for new clients to easily flow my way.

I️ went from traveling every month to broke and miserable. I️ stopped exercising. I️ started eating fast food 3x a day (which wasn’t cost effective at all) and I️ went into this really dark place of sadness.

But then I️ had an epiphany. I️ could either be the victim, or I️ could take charge and commit to becoming the Queen of my life that I️ knew I️ was meant to be.

In a lot of ways, this was a massive gift in disguise. At the same time I was working with these brands, I loved the work, but I felt so undervalued, overworked, and I felt like I was destined for more. I wanted to be able to be creative again, have more time to explore the world, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family over stressing out over ads, influencer campaigns, and making sure the creatives were up to spec.

I️ got focused, joined a community of fiery, ambitious women, and discovered mentors that would then help me turn around my business.

After working on my mindset, exploring my own passions and gifts, I️ decided that I️ wanted to become a business coach, and teach Female Entrepreneurs all of the tools and secrets that I️ used to help build the multi-million dollar brands I️ had previously worked with.

And within 30 days of believing that my success was non-negotiable, I️ had signed four new 4-figure clients!

So here is where I️ am today: I️ have a successful coaching business. I️ get to work with incredible women every day. And I’m in the middle of writing my debut novel.

I am proof that not matter how bad things seem like they may be now, with relentless passion, the right strategies and support, you can truly have it all.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and create your own success story, book a FREE Business & Brand Strategy call today!