Why Do I Look Ugly In Photos? | The Perfect Selfie

It’s time to upgrade our Instagram!

We talk about which filters to put on Instagram photos, the best apps, how to flat lay, how to pose but never do we really talk about actual camera techniques for getting the perfect selfie. Like err…how your lens is totally ruining your face!

Lens Distortion - Selfies

Bakerdh / Gizmodo

There’s a lot more to taking great photos than finding your perfect angle. And I’m sure like me, most of you want to know what all the good tips and tricks are so that you don’t have to take hundreds of pictures just to post one. Lens Distortion is what makes your nose look wide, your face look 10 lbs heavier and your chin extra long.

And if the selfie is the new business card, we want to look our best. It’s time to upgrade our Instagram photos!

Watch below as I go into how to kick Lens Distortion out your life!

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