What I Learned My First Month of Natashasolae.com

First let me be clear. For those who’ve been visiting by site for awhile, you probably know that Natashasolae.com was created in 2010.

In 2015, I decided that I wanted to turn my site from a personal blog to a place with a central theme around creative entrepreneurship.

March 2016, Natashasolae.com became a digital experience covering entrepreneurship, culture and life through the unique perspective of a successful creative.

So when I say “My First Month of Natashasolae.com”, I am referring to its 2016 rebirth.

What I Learned My First Month of Natashasolae.com

While I simply love talking about the business behind becoming a successful artist, I truthfully have no desire to become an infopreneur. I do not want to make a primary living selling and distributing information to people. When I write this, in no way am I talking down on people who do make a living as an infopreneur because I truthfully believe they’re extremely helpful and there is some really sound content out there.

Some of this content has helped me greatly in realizing my own creative ideas even if they weren’t marketed to me. I just feel that I personally cannot add any value to what is already out there and I am not passionately compelled to find a new way to do so. In addition, I understand how the selling and distributing information has greatly hurt the music industry, an industry I am well involved in.

I also don’t want to talk about how to blog for the sake of telling my audience how to have a successful blog although I would like to have a blog series that covers how artists can setup their own websites.

To sum this all up simply, I want art to remain being my main productnot information. And I also want to show other artists how they can make art their main product.

My goal with Natashasolae.com is to create a place for conversation about all aspects of creative entrepreneurship. But, it is also my goal to make sure that this isn’t all Natashasolae.com is about.

April 2016, I decided that not only did I want to cover how to build a creative empire but I also want to add a focus towards the two creative aspects in my life that are my greatest passions: writing fiction and music.

From this point on, there will be dedicated sections of the site towards these two forms of art.

With writing, I will talk about the process of completing a novel as well as give behind the scenes information on the progress of my own young adult novel.

With music, I will not talk about the creation of music but I will talk about navigating the music industry as a songwriter and music professional.

I’ve decided to have completely separate approaches in these topics because regarding each creative profession, I am at two different points.

With music, I am a legit professional. With writing, I’m a budding novelist.

So in essence, not only will I be talking about how to brand your art, I will also be talking about the creative process of it (with a main focus on these two forms), and how to navigate the publishing industries in the Music Industry and Book Publishing Industry.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that never too late to tweak your brand. While I have been legitimately loving the content that I have been putting out, I realized that it’s not the only place I want to go.

Lastly, I would like to give a thank you to my music and writing peer Ameriie who first told me that it was okay to be a writer of fiction while still being a music industry professional. #CoolGeeks

Ameriie on Multi-Faceted Creatives



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