Instagram Unleashes Stories

So Instagram pulled a Melania Trump. It totally ripped Snapchat’s Stories and it works ALL. IN. YOUR. FAVOR! ?

Snapchat for Instagram or better yet, what Instagram calls Stories, rolled out yesterday; and is a secondary feed in the form of bubbles that runs horizontal at the top of your regular feed. And everyone is going ???.

Each bubble contains an avatar from an account you follow. The avatars displayed first are the accounts Instagram thinks are your favorite, showing no signs of Instagram straying from their new algorithm.

Now let’s jump into how this is totally going to work in yo’ favor!


✖️ The actual stories are just like Snap Chat, consisting of short concise photos and video clips. Unlike videos you post on your Instagram feed, clips via stories can’t be more than 10 seconds long and are only available for 24 hours.

✖️ Unlike Snapchat, You can rewind the story by swiping left.

✖️ Taking the pressure off of likes and comments, Instagram stories will not consist of the usual engagement features you are used to seeing. You will, however, be able to see which of your followers are watching your stories. BONUS: There have been reports from some of my closest business besties that their Instagram stories are seeing 3-4x the views their video gets on Snapchat on Instagram Stories. ?

✖️ There are cute little Snap Chat-ish features like the ability to add emojis, drawing on your story and Instagram added a highlighter and neon pen feature. AND, there are some filters. Pretty neat!


Now you can post more without F’ing up your feed.

Ever since Instagram came on the scene, more than ever, people have been obsessed with each picture being perfect and aligning perfectly with the rest of their feed. Now you can post whatever you like without it messing up your brand’s Instagram vibe.

Flawlessly Integrate Your Personal Brand with Your Business

There has been a lot of conversation about how you can effortlessly align your personal brand with your business. Instagram has created an excellent way for you to reel in your audience with your Instagram feed, then hook them in later with behind-the-scenes short clips flaunting off not only your brand but your personality. This is also an excellent way to be active on Instagram, when you simply don’t have time to think of the perfect post.

Brings Exclusiveness to IG

While Snapchat has been KING in sharing memories, a lot of big brands and Influencer’s rely on Instagram as the hub for their fan base. Wayyyy more people use Instagram than Snapchat, and most likely, you have way more followers on the Instagram platform. Now you can share exclusive, limited updates with your followers AND offer deals and experiences that only last for 24 hours — again — without destroying your feed with ads.

EDIT: Instagram Stories brings simplicity</h2>

A downfall with Snapchat is that after you start following more than 5 people, all the little bugs come out. It freezes, cuts out and does other annoying stuff. It’s also a platform that many people haven’t converted over to because well, it isn’t very intuitive and it’s confusing. Instagram basically took Snapchat and made it BETTER.


? Instagram Stories does not have face filters, geo filters, weather, speed gauges. None of that good stuff. On a positive note, if you like face filters, I’m sure it will be coming soon.

? Unlike Snapchat, your Stories feed is secondary. The good thing is, your most loyal supporters will be watching this, the bad thing is, it’s not in their face like the primary feed, meaning it may take some time to convert your subscribers to watching it.

So what are your thoughts on the new feed? Like it, Love it, HATE IT?

Instagram Stories -- Why This Snapchat Feature Is A Gamechanger For Your Creative Business.

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  • Hey, I enjoyed reading every bit of this article. I look forward to the new features on IG as I had just started to stray away. I like snapchat but I use it more for my family and friends. It’s not a place I want to open up for everyone. I’m happy now I can do my cooking while single segments. I will be applying some of your tips too. Keep doing these because I’m not the most marketing savy blogger but your comments have really helped. THANK YOU! Androgynine Life