Why I’m Traveling To Egypt To Write My Novel

A month or so back, I announced on Facebook that I would be spending part of Winter in Cairo. Since then, I’ve kept my lips sealed on the details as I ironed out the remainder of my busy year.

For the past four years (I’ll explain why this long at another date), I’ve been working on a young adult novel. In May, I wrapped up the first draft, and for the next four months, I’ll be revising and rewriting before I start on prose and all that good stuff.

I like to think of myself as a method writer. I love to absorb and assume all the characteristics of the character’s I take on, and the culture and people I write about. I learned this trick back when I was an actress, and worked alongside method actors, the importance of immersing yourself in real life experiences. While yes, method actors are a bit more eccentric, odd and sometimes downright creepy, it totally works.

Just as I was a method actor, I’m a method songwriter and method author.

Since my novel does include quite a bit of Egyptian history and part of it actually takes place in Egypt, I decided that I want to see the real thing versus rely on the research I’ve gathered in the US. The thought of immersing myself in that culture and seeing how it’s transcended from where it began until now electrifies me.

I hope to use the information I gather to add subtle nuances that will make my story even more impactful.

Wish me luck! And I plan on keeping you updated the entire way! πŸ˜‰


Image credits: Top, by Dennis Jarvis on his blog


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