How To Know If It’s Really Your Passion

Whatever IT is, how do you know if what you’re doing at this moment is your passion?

I think every creators biggest fear is dedicating themselves to the wrong passion. What if it is really a hobby? How do you figure out what you really want to do and if your passion is something you’re supposed to do?

In a society where artists are easily branded as unfocused for *gasp* being passionate about more than one art medium, how do you find the central theme in your passions and convey that to the world? Even better, how do you turn it into a successful creative business when you like to do every frickin’ thing? What the hell is your damn passion?

Your true passion is whatever IT is that eats away at you when you’re not doing IT. It’s something you cannot get away from. Sometimes passion is that THING that we hate to stay away from the least, but the thing that we often find ourselves getting in the way of the most. Other times, passion is the thing we fear the most because it’s the thing we respect the most. Anything outside of that is a hobby or a secondary passion.

What is a secondary passion?

The secondary passion is an action or skill you perform to guide, realize or bring your first passion into fruition.

For me, that’s graphic design and film. Although many people know me for conceptualizing brands and being the girl behind the camera that directs, produces, films and edits videos, it’s not the thing that keeps me from sleeping at night.

This is probably shocking to those who know of my work because I’m ridiculously good at film and design and I constantly get offers from brands to join their marketing team. But the truth is, graphic design and film are secondary because I only actually enjoy them when it’s aiding my first passion.

This also means that I hate doing it for money and I dread doing it for projects I don’t care about. It’s the main reason why I rarely accept client work. It’s also the first thing I had to admit to myself before getting on the right path to happiness. Without my first passion, these two actions would be a hobby.

The thing is, it’s important to know what your secondary passion actually is. Why? Because it’s usually the thing that gets in the way of your first passion.

Unlike music and writing that can take six months to a year before you see residuals from publishing, film and design is much more stable and makes me a lot of money really fast. What started off as something I did to make money to fund my first passions, quickly became the main event in my life. I found myself accepting so many projects that I was spending 90% of my day doing film and design and 5% sleeping and 5% doing my first passion.

So in essence, you gotta keep your secondary passions in check. Secondary passions often serve as distractions because they’re just as enjoyable as your first passions, but they aren’t as fulfilling.

So what is my first passion?

My first passion and my true love is writing / producing music and writing fiction. How do I know they’re my real passions? Because when I don’t do them, I become severely depressed and I lose my identity. I literally feel empty and have no sense of being. Next in line to that is my love for conceptualizing and engineering designs for innovative technologies that impact society, which is why I genuinely love marketing Lilumia and why I have ventured into app development in the past.

Seriously, if it were not for my desire as a teenager to learn design and film to market my art, I wouldn’t have learned film or design at all. Trust me when I say I get no thrill from hearing the sound of a shutter when I hold a camera.

So how do you know if what you’re doing today is your real passion? Out of all of the things you love to do, what is your FIRST passion?

How To Figure Out Your First Passion.

  1. First -no pun intended-, write down all of the things that you’ve thoroughly loved to do in life.
  2. Now cross out all of the things on your list that if you didn’t do today, and died tomorrow, that you would actually be torn about if you could never do it again.

THAT, is your first passion.

If there is anything on that list that you only like to do because it involves furthering your first passion, that is your secondary passion.

And anything beyond that is a hobby. A hobby is something you like to dabble in here and there, but it’s not something that pulls at you.

For me that’s probably dancing. I dance because I love music. But if I never went to a club again, I wouldn’t care. If I never performed at another dance recital, I probably wouldn’t care. But if I never wrote another song again, I’d probably die.

See the difference? I do something because it’s fun vs I do something because without it I’d die. Cue the goosebumps.

Passion Vs Motivation

It doesn’t mean that every day you or I will be motivated to do it (oh boy, is that a myth). It doesn’t mean that you or I won’t go through seasons where we’re just like, fuck this. What it does mean, however, is that a passion is something that we have to incorporate in our lives to be mentally whole. It doesn’t even mean that we want it to be our profession–it just simply means we cannot function without it. It’s something that you just can’t let go but it’s definitely something you should focus in. But if you do want your passion to be your profession, consider yourself LUCKY.

Dedicate 90% Of Your Available Time Towards Your Passion

As artists, we are compelled to express ourselves and we’re often good at many different forms of art. That in itself doesn’t mean we’re unfocused. Hello, we’re ARTist’s.

Whatever your passion is, you may not be good at it–yet, and that’s okay. No matter what age you are, if you are able to take one more breath, that is one more opportunity for you to start doing what you love. The only time that opportunity closes is when you stop breathing.

By the same token, this does not mean you can wait forever to start. None of us know if our life will abruptly end next week. What it means is that you still have control over your life and can design it the way you want if you are capable of taking another breath.

Stop watching as much TV, stop consuming so much of other peoples lives, and stop letting other stuff get in the way. Start finding a way to create more available time in your day, and dedicate 90% of that time towards your passion.

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Creative Business

In the end, when it comes to starting a creative business, you will want to focus on a business that is based on your first passion. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make a lot of money at first or if it’s unpopular. If it’s something that you really love to do, you will eventually find out a way to make a lot of money off of it.

Next post, I will address how to turn your passion into a creative business.


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