Some of you may know me as a video director, a songwriter, an author, a graphic designer, an actress or perhaps a Grammy Recording Academy Voting member. Some of you may even know me as a marketing and branding sorcerer. However, you found me: Hello, My name is Natasha Solae and I create.

I launched my career in the Entertainment Industry, writing songs for famous people and helping folks get Grammy’s. Beyond music, I’ve established myself as a visionary and a luminaire in guerilla marketing. I guess you can say not only am I excellent at creating, I’m also excellent at injecting brands and products into public consciousness. Lucky for me, the many luxury and lifestyle brands that I work with love this combo.

I won’t get too detailed on how I acquired these traits. As with any great story, it lacks info dump; and if you stick around, you’ll learn more about me anyways.

In January 2016, I re-branded my personal blog and built a digital cultural experience for creative, ambitious women to share their stories and electrify other creative thinkers. My intention is to solidify Natasha Solae as a trusted source for curated entrepreneurial content, while weaving in threads of life experiences that make us human.

Here on NATASHASOLAE.COM, you will learn how to improve your life, your blog, your brand and your creative business. Together we will discover eachother’s stories, share tips, and galvanize Creatives and Chic CEO’s worldwide.

In addition to getting to know your journey, I will be documenting every step of mine. Through pictures, quotes, vlogs + blogs, I want to inspire you, as you inspire me.

So many business tools, beauty and lifestyle tips that I have picked up while working in the entertainment industry and I plan to share with you them all! I hope you will enjoy this exclusive look of what it is like to be a girl in the entertainment industry.