150+ Best Instagram Hashtags for Authors to Build Huge Brands!

150+ Best Instagram Hashtags for Authors and Writers to Build Big Brands!

Hey Guys!

So if you haven’t noticed, a few things have changed around the site. I finally made the decision to niche down and change the direction of my website to fully commit to my passion which is writing.

Whether it be songwriting, or writing fiction, these are the mediums that galvanize me the most. As a result, Natashasolae.com will be all about writing and documenting my life as a Writerpreneur! For those of you who subscribe to Natasha Solae for Girl Boss tips, I am creating a special platform for that which I am so excited to announce in the near future!

Now that were getting to know each other again, I want to start the new direction off with a bang! I decided to revamp last years Hashtags for Writers list and create an even bigger and better list!


I’ve also joined Authortube and started a writing series on my Youtube Channel.

I know some of you know for over a year, I’ve wanted to take the plunge. I decided to fall down the rabbit hole and chase my heart.

So here is what to expect

1. From this point on, all content created on NATASHASOLAE.COM will be directly related to being a Writerpreneur and will feature writing tips and marketing for writers and aspiring authors.

2. For the past month, I’ve been putting out videos every week on Youtube.com/NatashaSolae where I will be documenting my Writerpreneur life, and sharing with you tons of writing tips, as well as giving branding and business tips to Authors. I will continue to post videos, every Thursday (and every other Monday).

3. I will be making an announcement over the next month or so when the new platform is for Girl Bosses looking for information and tips on how to start a creative business and then level it the eff up! I promise you. It’s going to be so much fun, bigger and badder than what I had before!

And don’t forget to Download my EPIC LIST of 150+ Instagram Hashtags for Authors and Writers! It’s amazing, I promise!

150+ Best Instagram Hashtags for Authors to Build Huge Brands!


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