How to Beat Anxiety and Go From Artist to Entrepreneur

Anxious brains are active brains! Beat Anxiety And Go From Artist to Entrepreneur with these next 7 tips!

Today’s post is inspired by an Instagram caption from Dani Watson. For most creatives, all you need is WIFI and a dream. You can literally work from anywhere. You just have to go for it. Then the thought crossed my mind — why don’t we go for it? Ah, that’s because most artists are terrified of making that transition from artist to creative entrepreneur. So here is…how to beat anxiety and go from Artist to Entrepreneur:

  1. Don’t Be ‘Perfect’ and Don’t Procrastinate
  2. Perfectionist’s are repeat procrastination offenders who put off tasks that seem too long or too complex in fear of them not being perfect. News flash, unless you’re an open heart surgeon, there is no logical reason for you to be perfect every dang day in your professional life. As a sensible doctor once said, “As long as nobody dies, something can always be fixed.”

    Puts everythingggg in perspective when you think of it that way, doesn’t it? Relax. No matter how young, or old you are, when you first start your creative business, everything you do is an experiment. Get comfortable with that now. Once you’re successful, a good 50% or more still involves experimentation. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to reach your goals. With letting go perfection, you will also find that it’s much easier to go from artist to entrepreneur.

  3. Be Loyal to Your Planner
  4. Buy a planner, and actually use it. Seeing your day outlined will make life seem more palatable. We all think we have this intuitive grasp on our life, only to later learn that hindsight is a big ol’ witch and we barely have a grasp on anything! That is called being normal. Yes. You and your anxiety are normal. It’s just how you deal with it isn’t.

    Plan every night, what you’re going to do the next day. It’s the only way you can truly see how your brand and business is growing, as well as stay on top of all of your tasks and prevent overwhelm.

    Obviously, sticking to a planner isn’t as easy as it sounds for a lot of people. Once you start feeling good, you stop writing in that planner like when a depressed person stops taking that anti-depressant. Don’t stop when things start to feel good. If you truly want to overcome anxiety, you have to stop that infinite loop of creating environments and situations that make you anxious, then cause procrastination.

    All you need is Wifi and a Dream -- Dani Watson
    Living life by my own terms and catching up on work at the beach.

  5. Use Schedule Blocking To Get Stuff Done
  6. As Artists and Perfectionists, we’re the type to work in spurts and try to get everything done all at once. We get a high off of being super productive not realizing that in a few days we’re going to pass out on the floor from exhaustion and mental burnout. Other times when we have a lot of crap on our plate, it causes our anxiety to paralyze us. But if you use schedule blocking to limit each day to the TOP 3 tasks that need to get done, and spread the rest throughout the week, not only will it prevent burnout but you will be more productive, and less busy.

  7. Start Every Morning with Gratitude!
  8. Five Minute Journal - Mimi Ikonn - Alex Ikonn
    The Journal that has helped me beat my anxiety and it only takes 5 minutes!

    Start your mornings off with positivity. Anxiety is a symptom of irrational fear. By starting your mornings off positive, you set the tone for the remainder of the day and give each day a positive purpose. It’s a lot easier to be fearful of the future if you don’t look at the logical reasons why you have to be happy. Do you ask yourself every morning: What am I grateful for? When you make it routine to remind yourself of all the things that are positive in your life, you condition your mind out of negative, anxious thinking. We’ve all accomplished something, and sadly, society encourages us to not remind ourselves of our greatness. I call it the being “humble” trap. You should always celebrate every victory!

  9. End Every Night with Positivity!
  10. The way your mornings begin are usually influenced by the way last night ended. Had a bad day? Don’t go to sleep angry. Take time out to zen and center yourself. It’s okay to have a bad day. Just don’t let it domino into two, three, five or twenty bad days. Put together a night routine that can easily get you into the right space.

  11. Eat Healthy
  12. Seaweed Salad's are one of FAV guilt free healthy, but uber YUMMY treats!
    Seaweed Salad’s are one of FAV guilt free healthy, but uber YUMMY treats!
    When I first became a full time creative, due to my travel schedule, I constantly ate fast food. I was so used to feeling sick, I didn’t even realize I felt bad until I started making a constant effort to eat a clean diet. Now every time I return to fast food, I feel sluggish, my stomach hurts, and I wonder how in the heck did I eat like this before? If your body feels bad, how can you expect your mind to feel good? You can’t possibly be at your best mentally, if your body is suffering.

    ??HEALTHY Recipes from Chefs that believe in FLAVOR!??

    Cooking with Archie Beatz |
    Fit Men Cook |
    Skinny Taste |

  13. Don’t Forget About Your Passions
  14. When going from Artist to Entrepreneur, you must remember that it is important to keep creating. A lot of Artists stop or limit creating because they get tied up with the business aspects of their brand. Doing this will only make you unhappy. And boy, unhappy, uncreative Artist’s are monstrous!

    As artists, the number one thing that centers us is our art. It’s our therapist, our most loyal friend, our confidant, it’s our passion. When you part from that, you lose yourself. Pencil in moments to be your authentic, creative self and never allow yourself to NOT make that a priority. Art is a priority!

  15. BONUS: Just Freaking Hire Someone Already!
  16. If balancing art and business is a difficult task for you, hire a personal assistant or management to help you get on the right track! That doesn’t mean you should be lazy and abandon the business side of things altogether, but sometimes it’s nice to have a drill sergeant someone around to hold you accountable.

How do you overcome anxiety and stay productive?

The transition to becoming a Creative Entrepreneur is horrifying to most artists! Here are seven tips to help Artists BEAT ANXIETY and flawlessly transition to being a Creative Entrepreneur. These tips will help you realize your future WIFI and A Dream Lifestyle!
The transition to becoming a Creative Entrepreneur is horrifying to most artists! Here are seven tips to help Artists BEAT ANXIETY and flawlessly transition to being a Creative Entrepreneur. These tips will help you realize your future WIFI and A Dream Lifestyle!

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