Six Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When They Finally Quit Their Job!

Avoid these SIX MISTAKES Entrepreneurs make when they quit their job!

  1. Ignoring the Power of Mornings

  2. Successful people wake up early in the morning. Wonder why? There are two simple reasons. First, It’s because the morning is the best time to explore your imagination and come up with creative ideas.

    If you push your ideas to the end of the day when your brain is drained, you’re more likely to just throw something together. And with your brand, we’re looking for greatness!The morning is the time to write those blogs, work on your new book, finish that next chapter, plan this weeks marketing ideas, etc etc.

    Second, most people tend to sleep throughout the morning which makes it perfect for quiet time. This quiet time gives you much needed space to hyper focus on tasks dealing with your brand or your three biggest tasks of the day. What time do I wake up? 5am. And this is because by 8 or 9am, I’m usually inundated with emails, texts and phone calls. At night, we’re in the studio or busy wrapping up tight deadlines.

  3. Not Creating A Work Schedule

  4. One of the most exciting things about being an Entrepreneur is the fact that you’re free from all constraints of a nagging boss.

    You get to do what you want, whenever you want to do it and decide who or what you want to be, every day. While this works for people who just want to discover who they are, it is not ideal for an Entrepreneur.

    Every Entrepreneur needs some type of schedule throughout the day–especially a Creative Entrepreneur. This is something you should start working on even before you quit your job.

    If you do not have a schedule, you will not be at your most optimal productivity level and you will be a huge candidate for burn out. With a schedule, you can quickly learn how to balance all of your projects as well as your personal life. (hugeeeeee bonus). Don’t waste up to a year like I did. Start Now!

  5. Not Creating A Weekly Workflow

  6. Developing a schedule is just half the battle but creating a weekly workflow is the other. Creating a workflow can totally supercharge your productivity. Whereas a schedule will help you plan out your day, a weekly workflow allows you to see your goals at a distance and understand how each task you perform every day connects together.

    Before my workflow was put into place, I used to think that I would do things like record, edit and put out a Youtube video in one day and then afterwards promote those videos. That fell apart, QUICK!

    The problem was that I wanted to increase my workload across the board. How could I put out 2-3 Youtube videos per week, two blog posts, post daily on social media for my brand (and clients), work in the studio (hoping to get a Grammy next year!) and complete all of the tasks needed for Lilumia.

    I learned quickly that when I worked this way, I felt at the end of the day like my job was never finished. It would put me in such a yucky rut that there were days I would get nothing done towards my personal brand because I was entirely too overwhelmed. I just couldn’t turn off.

    Now I record 3-4 Youtube videos in ONE DAY, every other week and specify one or two days for editing (this varies depending on my weekly workload) and I have specific days that I write blog posts and specific days that I edit those. I have one day that I schedule social media and so on & so on. But now I sleep better and my workload doesn’t seem so overbearing.


  7. Creating Unrealistic Expectations

  8. Piggy backing off of #3, it’s unrealistic to think you won’t get burned out if you work hard. While it’s that adrenaline at first that makes you think you will be superwoman and power every day until your successful, its working smart that really is the key. Not every day will be sunny. Start now researching the tools you will need to make your job easiest!

    There will be days where you’re depressed, unmotivated, sick, indifferent and just plain ol’ bored.

    If you have a good workflow, you will have all of these days covered for the most part and if you don’t, you will know how to prepare or deal with them much better.

  9. Not treating your brand like a business

  10. This is what I see more than others. A lot of people don’t realize that their brand, their blog, their youtube , their Instagram is a business.

    It’s important that every day you assess your metrics, study your analytics and keep both a daily, weekly and monthly log to really track your progress. It’s incredibly hard to measure your true growth, if you’re not looking at it from a distance. Numbers are important and it’s nearly impossible to remember metrics from 3 weeks back!

  11. Believing the high will last forever…

  12. When our adrenaline and motivation is high, we tend to put up with complicated processes: half-working websites, unreliable apps, functionality issues etc.

    Again, this works great when you first start your business. You’re willing to look past all the issues that are time-consuming and don’t work right. Sometimes this is obviously necessary for budget reasons, but most times, it really ends up being things we can just cut loose. Understand that when you become an Entrepreneur, you’re committing to this world for life. No seriously, ask anyone who has gone from Entrepreneur to being a 9 to 5er again.

    For me, it was my unwillingness to compromise design and cool features on my site for functionality. I would always try to find a workaround that 90% of the time took too many steps worth committing to or required so much time from me, it really delayed the release of projects. As a creator, I am always obsessed with new innovative technologies. But let’s be honest, a lot of apps don’t work, a lot of plugins are buggy and a lot of cool tools have major functionality issues. Don’t hold on to this techy baggage for the sake of “cool”. Functional is always best.

  13. BONUS: Not Creating Multiple Streams of Income

  14. For most successful self-made entrepreneurs, having various flows of income is the key to financial success. Relying on one-stream of income can be very stressful. At the end, it will feel much like a 9-to-5 job if it stops being enjoyable and you’re stuck doing it. The key to living a free life relies on financial freedom. The key to being a successful creative is to create multiple streams of income out of your creative ventures.

    What mistakes did you make when you first became an Entrepreneur?

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  • These are fantastic tips! I totally agree that you need to have more than one revenue stream to keep the stress as bay. Thanks for sharing.


  • A workflow is definitely top priority! If you don’t keep on, it is easy to lose track!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Sooae Lee
  • Biana Perez

    Thank you for sharing this!! I hope to one day make my side job my full-time job so this is great for when that time comes! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • I wish you the best of luck! Keep working towards your goal and your side job will become your dream life! xo

  • Such a great read! I totally agree the morning hours are the best for getting work done!

  • Great points! My biggest mistake was taking on far too much than what I was able to handle. I had my own thing going on for months, but then a friend asked if I would help out with his business. I literally felt like I was running his business, while allowing mine to take a back seat.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

    • Yes! You’re definitely a very hard working person. I, too, have had similar issues whether it’s getting too involved with projects, client’s dreams etc. But you gotta figure out a way to keep it all balanced and keep putting your brand first! Thanks so much for sharing! I sincerely enjoyed reading about your experience!

  • Awesome post, lady- these are things you want to avoid, for sure! Thanks for sharing this!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • So true. Especially the very first one. I’m either not a morning person or I don’t sleep.
    Scheduling for at least two productive mornings makes a world of difference.
    All of this makes for important steps to remember.
    Balancing all of this can be difficult and a bit draining, but it helps set an important foundation.

    [edit; I knew I was forgetting something.]
    A mistake I made early one was trying to take on too much at once.
    I overly packed my schedule and overloaded myself with tasks.
    Even though they were all doable, I gave myself unbearable, personal deadlines.

    I started over from scratch a few times because I have a mean workaholic streak.
    Sometimes it still gets me, but it’s way better than it was when I originally started out.

    Thanks for this!

    • I think most of us have this issue when we first start off! I think a lot of us take on too much at once and you get so burned out. You really have to work yourself into things AND schedule some relax time. I have a workaholic streak as well as really believed that I could work 7 days a week for the rest of my life but that was until my body told me heck no + now I try to at least have one day per week a rest day OR (if I’m just super busy) one rest day every 10 days.

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! πŸ˜‰

  • These are great tips! I am still a 9-5er *sigh* and probably have a loooong way to go before I’m not, but I’m trying to learn as much as I can to help me get there! Love your tips on making a schedule and a weekly workflow. I am so bad at time management, so I’m really trying to start doing that especially since my time is so limited because of my “real” job. :)

  • These are all so true. I think the one that got me the most in the beginning was not using the mornings as a time to do my hardest tasks. Now I wake up and try to knock the stuff I dread the most. It’s all downhill after noon. lol. Great post!