My Top 5 Work-Cation Destinations!

Ideas are like currency to every entrepreneur. Without them, we can’t create which means we cannot put out product. Product will always mean money, honey! And when you’re always home bound, it doesn’t take long before things get dry. So what’s a girl to do? Switch it up and fly the f**k out of here!

When I am in a creative drought, changing the scene in which I create is usually just what I need to get the juices flowing to increase productivity. Half work, Half Vacation! Meet the latest trend and a staple in my life: Hello, Work-Cation!

5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland has been calling my name for at least a year! And even more so, the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa located in a lava field in Southwestern Iceland.


4. Ma ya Beach, Thailand

Ever since I saw The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, I’ve always wanted to travel to this once solitary beach paradise in Thailand. Now incredibly famous and overcrowded (ugh thanks, Leo) it’s become one of the most desired tourist destinations and definitely one of mine.

Maya Bay Beach, Thailand_745

3. Victoria Falls, Zambia

Swimming at the edge of the world’s largest waterfall and focusing on ‘How Not To Die’ is just the type of adrenaline I need to get me out of a creative funk.


2. Mayan Ruins / Caves, Belize

? ? ?

All I’m gonna say is if you’re on a budget, you could seriously chuck up $300 to take a last minute 5 day cruise with food and shelter to Belize. What are you waiting for?!

Belize Cave Tubing - Inside the Caves

1. Bali, Indonesia

My travel appetite resurged with a vengeance when my good girlfriend, Jackie, shared with me photos from her last Bali trip. Bali is one of the most magical places with a good balance of accommodations, interesting this to do and affordability. Seriously, it is the only place I know where you can get a modern boutique hotel for under $35 a day.


How to make a workcation work for you!!

A new change in scenery is great for increasing productivity and recharging those creative juices which is why it’s a must to prevent burnout and depression.


  1. BUDGET FRIENDLY: If you can’t leave the country or the state, consider traveling to city or small town nearby.
  2. DON’T FORGET THE ‘CATION: Reserve a portion of your trip for relaxation and sight-seeing.
  3. FIND INTERNET: Since most creatives whether you’re a blogger, beauty guru, budding movie star or photographer need the internet, it is a must to preplan how you’re going to get it to prevent travel anxiety. Luckily, nowadays, tons of hotels have it built in their resort fees. But if you want to keep it low key and nest at a smaller venue, consider using your phone as a hot spot, getting a Mi-Fi or finding a local coffee shop where you can work a portion of your day.

Do you have any workcation’s lined up in the near future? Where are you going?

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